C4Eats was born at the intersection where the lifestyle of an entertainer meets healthy eating. Owner Randy Kelly is one of Florida’s longstanding entertainment figures. While on tour, he was introduced to vegan dishes through celebrity chef, Da Vegan Guru. After the tour, Kelly maintained his new lifestyle, however, it did not match the hours of his fast paced – night life. He knew that Florida was ready for the accessibility of sustainable, healthy, grab and go vegan options, so he created the concept of C4Eats on the premise to offer fresh interpretations of traditional American dishes. C4Eats’ Blow ‘N Up Vegan Food offers a diverse variety of organic, pesticide free ingredients without sacrificing flavor. Guided by his motto, “Do the right thing,” Kelly’s mission for C4Eats was designed to support the community by offering quality authentic, seasonal, healthy foods that are accessible and accommodates fast paced lifestyles.