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El Tayta on the Beach

From Humble Beginings
Derived from the Quechua dialect out of the beautiful Peruvian Andes, “El Tayta” is a phrase meaning wise, knowledgeable and a paternal figure. As so, Wilkins and Emmy’s vision is to serve authentic Peruvian cuisine based on their many years of experience. Wilkins and Emmy emigrated from Peru to the United States 14 years ago. Both, Wilkins and Emmy, share an immense passion for Peruvian cuisine and its fusion of flavors. While Wilkins’ early culinary career started out as a waiter in many fine dining restaurants, throughout the years he gained expertise in the restaurant business, which has led him to become a successful restaurateur. At a very young age Emmy knew her passion was preparing and serving exquisite Peruvian food. At the age of 20 she graduated from “Escuela de Alta Cocina los Andes” with a degree in Culinary Arts. Emmy gained the title of Executive chef thru her vast experience working in the restaurant business.
Wilkins and Emmy met each other at a local restaurant managed by Emmy and knew they were made for each other. They have been married for 12 years and share a profound passion for Peruvian food. Wilkins and Emmy long dreamed of having their own restaurant to use a venue to present innovative, yet traditional, Peruvian dishes.


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