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The Legado history began in the North of Chile–specifically, in the Copiapó Valley. The diversity of this zone is highlighted in it is variety of foods (fish, shellfish, in addition to both exotic and premium meats) — foods which only Legado knows how to prepare.

Under Luis Montenegro Carter, a visionary, hard-working, and persistent man born in Copiapó — a gastronomy enthusiast that, since childhood, learned the secrets of the Northern cuisine and discovered the flavors and aromas from the area that would remain in his mind forever.

In 2006, he decided to open Legado Restaurant a restaurant that since it is early days has become a benchmark for Northern Chilean cuisine. That food that reflects the beauty of the Copiapó Valley with its colorful mountains, blue skies, and that sunshine that embraces the solitude that only the desert knows.


1824 Harrison St. Hollywood, FL 33020





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