NobleStar Kava House: Safe Harbor for All

Hungry, thirsty? In need of a bit of peace to heal your spirit after a hard day (or night)’s work? We’re here for you. And everyone. We’re committed to being a safe harbor FOR ALL. Peace, love, kindness & some of the most awesome Hollywood neighbors you’ll meet are here for you.

Offerings: Noms, Meals, Teas, & a slice of Peace

Kratom “Happy Tea”: Available in red (relaxing), green (anti-inflammatory, soothing), white (sustained non-jittery energy), & “Full Spectrum” (a blend for more positive impact), our Kratom Happy Teas are popular with everyone from strawberry-loving sweet toothers studying for a pre-med final to folks who appreciate the anti-inflammatory benefits in helping manage chronic pain. (Not sure how to order? We’ll guide you along!)

Vegan Burgers: Small batch, locally-made vegan burgers meat-eaters rave about come in both Cajun (a bit of pep) & Smoky (heartier) variety.

French Fries: Made fast & fresh to order, pair ’em with ketchup, mayo, BBQ sauce, Sweet Thai Chili Sauce or some ice cream!

Tater Tots: Like fries but cuter.

Chicken Tenders: Nothing like a hot fresh protein boost served with your favorite sauce. Ready in about 10 minutes, tenders are popular with folks “in the business” working downtown

Acai Bowls: A whole banana, anti-oxidant-rich superfruits Acai, Guarana, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries & blackberries blended & served under granola & a drizzle of honey. Popular with health-conscious sweet lovers including vegans.

Oreo Vegan Cheesecake: These slices go fast so we’ll just say they’re made with a whole lotta love right in-store. Call them a NobleStar NobleSecret. 🙂

Fudgy Brownies: The perfect “Treat yourself” bite on their own, they’re even better paired with some ice cream & drizzled with your favorite topping – whether that’s gummy bears, marshmallows, or good ‘ole chocolate syrup. No judgement with #SafeHarborForAll.

But what is Kava tea?
Kava is a South Asian pepper-like root tea traditionally used for the last 3,000 years on islands like Fiji to make visitors welcome, join in a celebratory happy feeling, & relax. The more often you drink it, the more of an impact it has so come visit us often. At midnight, we slash the price for our “Liftoff” where we gather to share in the Kava and the blessing that is the company of fine folks like you. Come share a coconut shell with us!

Organic Teas, Coffee, Popular chips, candy bars, Chips with Salsa & more await you too!

Come visit us 6 PM to 6 AM (4 AM Mondays & Tuesdays) at NobleStar Kava between Hollywood & Harrison on South 20th Avenue. Keep an eye out for our neon green signs & table. Want us to stay late? Ask. We’re always here for you.

Free parking is available just south of Harrison on 20th.

Check out & for special events, promotions & sneak peaks of what’s to come. Bula!