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Rossini Resto Lounge

Certified Executive Chef Samuel Marrero

Born and raised in Brooklyn – NY in the late 60′s, his interest in food arts showed at early age of 7, working in a family owned restaurant. As time passed, Sammy’s passion for culinary arts grew, and he studied different cultures and their cooking techniques to master his own. He has held the position of Executive Chef in renowned restaurants.
Sammy has a thriving catering business and has worked as a consultant for over a decade, opening award-winning restaurants through the years. During his career, he has opened 14 restaurants since the early 80’s, such as Iguana Café (3 stars) and Cilla Ristorante (3 stars) in New York, Pescecane Ristorante in Florida (4 stars) – ranked within American Express Black Card top 10 eatery in the world, and Il Mulino (5 stars) in New York – 20 years in a row Zagat Survey number 1 restaurant.


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