Our most important product is the ‘Gelato Siciliano’ unique in its genre, because it is tasty and genuine at the same time, and our granita and cremolata as emblem of Sicilian tradition. Thanks to these pivotal products we won several prestigious awards taking part in local and international competitions such as Nivarata and Sherbeth. Tasta is not a gelato shop only. In our boutiques you can find different products all made in Sicily: Cannolo for example. Catania or Palermo, two different types of peel, two different kind of thought: Catania Cannolo is more friable, little flared, pale, with a slightly cinnamon aroma, while Palermo Cannolo is crunchy, flared, dark, cocoa aromatized. Inside: Ricotta (rigorously from local sheep), chocolate Modica and pistachio grains.