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Lev’s Pawn Shop

PawnShops.Net is the web site where pawn brokers can meet and greet each other and the world. We are the oldest web site for pawn shops and have a constantly growing database for finding worldwide pawn shop information online. Pawn Shops Net is the most accurate source for finding nationwide and worldwide pawn shop information online. Other sites may say they are better but most of them just scrap the listings and that is not accurate. We manually add each and every listing in our database. Browse listings of pawn shops online to find a local shop near you. We are the BEST pawn shop locator on the web!
Pawn shops are a great place to get a quick loan or to get some money for those items that you are not using any longer! Looking for a bargain? You’ll find incredible deals on electronics, jewelry, musical instruments, power tools, guns, collectibles and more in a pawn shop near you! Check out our extensive pawn shop database to find a local pawn shop. We regularly update the database in order to give you a GREAT pawn shop locator.


1912 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020



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