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Maya Selva Corp.

Wholesale distribution of Flor de Selva (Honduras), Cumpay (Nicaragua), and Villa Zamorano (Honduras) cigars.
In Honduras during the 4th century, smoking cigars was a king’s privilege. Nowadays, everyone can discover all the facets of its taste while enjoying Flor de Selva puros. All handmade with long-filler Jamastrán Valley tobacco, these woody-flavored cigars are unforgettable and elegant.
Cumpay will take you into its soil at the first curl. This cigar, handmade in Estelí with only Nicaraguan tobacco, is coming from a volcanic land with tropical weather and luxuriant flora, providing cigars with a strong character.
Tasting Villa Zamorano means finding simplicity and pure tobacco taste. Quality tobacco leaves, rustic wrapper with clean color, long-filler handmade rolling in Honduras, strong and direct taste make these pyros the best friends of all aficionados.
To place a wholesale order, please call us at (954) 842-3613, or visit us at our distribution office at 2028 Harrison Street, Hollywood, Florida 33020.


2028 Harrison St #105, Hollywood, FL 33020



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