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Morningstar’s Jewelers & Pawnbrokers is a great solution when you need cash fast. Our goal is to consistently offer the most competitive, fair rates for your jewelry in exchange for a loan.
When you pawn at our store, you’ll have the option to either sell your items and leave with cash, or pawn them in exchange for a loan.
In order to pawn with Morningstar’s Jewelers & Pawnbrokers, all you will need to do is bring in an item that has value. Our team will then evaluate your item and make you an offer. If you prefer to sell, we will pay you in cash and you’re done! If you pawn them, you will fill out a simple loan agreement. Once your pawn loan has been repaid, you will get your items back. If, however, you fail to repay your loan on time, we will sell your items to recoup our loan costs.
If you have any additional questions about how to pawn your items, please contact us directly at 954-923-2372.


2000 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020



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