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Ruben Ubiera

Downtown Hollywood Mural Project Continues With Ruben Ubiera Mural

Downtown Hollywood will debut acclaimed local artist Ruben Ubiera’s new Hollywood-inspired as the second mural for the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project’s outdoor mural program. Ubieria will be painting his mural live during district’s monthly ArtWalk on Saturday, September 15 at 7:00 p.m. His vividly layered mural spans 12 by 70 feet – the second of several pieces by established, local contemporary artists designed for at least 10 properties. Located at 1925 Harrison Street, Ubiera’s mural will enrich the front façade of the Downtown Hollywood Ramada. Inspired by the city of Hollywood, Florida, Ubiera will be using his signature style to create a montage of realism mixed with colorful angular shapes. Ubiera’s contribution to the emerging cityscape will add a visual arts component to Mayor Peter Bober’s rapidly growing music initiative.


1925 Harrison St, Hollywood, FL 33020

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